Who We Are

Fish Parenting is a resource for people who love aquariums, where they can find reviews on the best products to keep their tanks thriving. This community of passionate and dedicated fish keepers has come together with one mission: create an ocean full of happy inhabitants by teaching others how it’s done!

The more experience you have in caring properly for these gorgeous aquatic creatures-the wider range your questions will be answered as well.

This community has passionate and dedicated members that want to help in any way they can, even if it means giving advice to experienced aquarium owners!

We hope you enjoy our Website fishparenting.com! Please comment with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. We are here to help make your aquarium the best it can be!

We will continue to add more information, share our knowledge and experience with you, and hopefully make your fish parenting journey a successful one.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the products we review! We will also be posting fun facts on our Facebook page-be sure to check it out for additional content not shared here!

Thank you so much for joining us on this journey! We hope you have a great time here and learn as much as we do.

The Team at Fish Parenting

Victoria Lamb

Victoria is a freshwater aquatics specialist, fishkeeper and amphibian enthusiast. She has had more than 6 years of experience caring for aquariums and keeping several fish species.

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Shelby Crosby

Shelby is a passionate fishkeeper who has been writing about fish for over 5 years. She is a pro aquarist and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife, Fish and Wildlands Science and Management.

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Charles Ataya

Charles Ataya has a wealth of experience in fishkeeping and Aquarium management. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Management and over five years of experience, he is an authority in the fisheries industry.

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Shirlie Sharpie

Shirlie is an aquatics expert with nearly two decades’ experience raising and caring for ornamental fish. She has produced a book on aquarium setup and a slew of fish-related articles.

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Jacoby Spicer

Jacoby is a lifelong aquarist with a particular passion for aquascaping design and plants. With nearly three decades of experience in fishkeeping, he enjoys learning more every day and educating others.

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Dr. Vituotsolie Kiso

Vituo Kiso is a budding Veterinarian and marine species enthusiast. He did most of his internships in several Pet Clinics, Wildlife centers, and Farms across India.

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