The turtles in Finding Nemo made a short entry but remarkably impacted the viewers.

The movie’s theme begins with a clownfish family living in anemones and moves on all along, introducing many aquatic animals and birds, who play their part to configure the storyline while directing the way to Nemo’s whereabouts.

Crush is a giant old turtle who, with other turtles, enters the movie’s mid-way when the fish’s plans are shattering. Crush helps in finding Nemo by showing them the way out of a terrifying zone in the Oceans, which these sea turtles surf and enjoy.

The animated characters, at some junctures, imitate human behaviors and understandings, most fascinating when Crush says, “he waxes his shell.” But what’s more intriguing is that the animals, as per their family and well-known types, are portrayed in their natural characteristics.

The movie creators have paid particular attention to including unique details from color to habitat. Here are some collectible features describing the fishes and turtles from Nemo.

What are the Names of the Turtles in Finding Nemo?

Crush is the lead turtle in Finding Nemo. When Marlin (Nemo’s dad) and Crush meet, Marlin addresses him as “Mr. turtle,” to which Crush replies that “Mr. Turtle” is his dad’s name, and his name is “Crush.” He also introduces his baby son to them. The name of the baby turtle from Nemo is “Squirt.”

How did Crush & Nemo’s Dad Marlin Meet?

While searching for EAC, both Marlin and Dory got stuck between a large group of jellyfish. It was stinging the duos so severely that they were left almost unconscious when a large shadow suddenly appeared.

Later, Marlin wakes up on the back of a huge green turtle, soon joined by Dory, accompanying Crush’s son Squirt.

Marlin explains the whole story to Crush and requests him to tell the way to EAC. The Crush holding the two fishes on its back and interacting with them reveals that they are already traveling in the East Australian Current or EAC.

Finally, when they reach the point to exit EAC, the Squirt pushes the two fishes out of the current and returns to the EAC, joining the group.

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What Type of Reptile is Crush in Finding Nemo- a Turtle or a Tortoise?

Crush and other Finding Nemo turtles are the green sea turtles, which have the signification of green skin with brownish shells.

These are the World’s biggest, about 1 meter, and hence Marlin with its friend is shown comfortably settling on Crush’s back.

They usually habitat in the tropical ocean from the Eastern Pacific Ocean around Australia, New Zealand, Indo-Pacific, and Pacific near Alaska.

The EAC in Finding Nemo is shown as powerful, fast ocean currents like the East Australian Currents, while the researchers have seen turtles swimming in the EAC around the Australian coast. It can swim long hours and cover thousands of miles for food.

How Old is Crush in Finding Nemo?

Nemo once asked his dad about the age of turtles, but Marlin had no clue at that time. But when Nemo’s dad Marlin meets Crush in the EAC, he asks about his age, to which Crush replies, “150 Dude! And still young!” meaning he was 150 years old.

Did Crush the Turtle Nickname Any Character in the Movie?

Crush is a free-flow, laid-back turtle who is used to calling slang like “Dude” to their peers. He particularly gave a name to his new friends. He calls Marlin -“Jellyman” and Dory -“Little Blue.”

What is the Peculiarity about Crush, the Turtle from Nemo that Saved the Fishes?

Apart from its ability to swim across the EAC, Crush is also an adult green sea turtle. The adult green sea turtle’s diet includes algae, seagrass scrapes, or reefs, although the young ones are omnivores in nature.

This means Squirt’s dad Crush was a typical herbivore, and hence he was friendly towards Marlin and did not attempt to eat it.

What are the Personality Traits of Crush?

Crush is one among the whole school of green turtles shown surfing on the EAC (East Australian Current). He is intelligent, carefree, and is playing a friendly, high turtle in Finding Nemo. With its relaxed and confident style, he easily wins hearts.

Although this adult green turtle in Nemo is supposed to be vegetarian, it behaves like a sluggish junkie, as if drugged. In reality, the turtles at times eat jellyfish, which reacts internally to make them high and addicted.

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Maybe Finding Nemo’s creators want to explain to the viewers that Crush ate the jellyfish and saved both Marlin & Dory from continuous stings. Being stuffed and high, he’s no longer interested in consuming fish.

But that’s just a viewpoint!

In Which Other Movies or Shows did Crush has a Cameo?

The very first-time Crush was seen in the animated film Finding Nemo. It was liked & appreciated by everybody, especially when he talked with a high attitude of a surfer dude.

Crush appeared in Finding Dory, the movie in the year 2016. Later he did a few cameo roles. Here is the list.


Wall E, Toy Story 3, The Good Dinosaur, Moana

Short Films:



It’s a Small World: The Animated Series

Few Turtle Quotes from Finding Nemo

Here are a few quotes from popular characters in the movie:

Crush Quotes from Finding Nemo:

“Cause we were like woah, and I was like woaaah, and you were like woaaah.”

“Okay, Squirt here; we will now give you a rundown of proper exiting technique.”

“Oh, it’s awesome, Jellyman; the little dudes are just eggs.”

“Dude! Dude! Focus, Dude!”

“Whoa, Dude, Mr. Turtle is my father. The name’s Crush.”

“Oh, Dude, you’re ridin’ it, Dude! Check it out.”

Squirt the Baby Turtle’s Quotes in Finding Nemo:

“Good afternoon; we’re gonna have a great jump today..”

“Remember: rip it, roll it, and punch it.”

Apart from Turtles, who are the Other Characters in Finding Nemo?

Several aqua personalities are embarking on their presence in the story. Lets’ find out more about them and how they twisted the story.

  1. Coral is the wife of Marlin, a clownfish, and his mother, Nemo. She dies in an attack by barracudas.
  2. Mr. Ray is his school teacher of Nemo and is a typical blue & white spotted eagle ray.
  3. Dory is a female fish and of low memory, has been a sweet companion to Marlin throughout the journey, and could also read human language. It is a royal blue tang.
  4. The viewers come across three names of sharks in Finding Nemo – Bruce, Chum, and Anchor. Bruce invites Marlin & Dory for dinner in a submarine. It’s a great white shark who, with other shark mates, has surprisingly pledged not to eat fish. His friends are Anchor, the hammerhead shark, and chum, the mako shark.
  5. Blenny is a frightened greenfish from Finding Nemo, who sharks forcefully invite at the “Fish are Friends” group dinner.
  6. Nemo in the aquarium meets other fishes who help him escape later. The puffer fish’s name is Bloat, the yellow tang is Bubble, an ochre sea star’s name is Peach, the royal gramma is Gurgle, the pacific shrimp is Jacques, a humbug is Deb with a twin Flo, and lastly a Moorish is Gill, who gave an idea of escape and pushed it out into the drainage.
  7. A school of moonfish, who hinted Marlin towards EAC for Nemo, while in between, they were stung by jellyfishes.
  8. It is a whale fish that captures Marlin & Dory and throws them out through the blowhole into the Sydney harbor.
  9. Nigel is one of the flocks of pelican birds on the Sydney harbor and around the dentist’s clinic. It has a long-pouched beak in which it holds the fish.
  10. The name of the little girl in Finding Nemo is Darla. She joins in at her dentist uncle’s clinic.
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Who Played the Characters in the Movie Finding Nemo?

Andrew Stanton played Crush in Finding Nemo, while Albert Brookes played Marlin. Here in the table, you can check the cast who played the turtles and other main characters in Finding Nemo.

Character Played By
Marlin Albert Brookes
Coral Elizabeth Perkins
Nemo Alexander Gould
Crush Andrew Stanton
Squirt Nicholas Bird
Mr. Ray Bob Peterson
Darla Lulu Ebeling
Dentist Bill Hunter
Bruce Barry Humphries

In the End

Who doesn’t want to know about the braveheart turtles from Finding Nemo? They played unforgettable characters and surfed through the story.

When the Crush wakes up Marlin, it was a lovely human gesture that was really welcomed. The way these animals render their character, symbolizing actual nature, keeps the movie acceptable; of course, exceptions like sharks going vegetarian was a funny moment.

This article is an exciting read, as it discerns through the movie to discover close encounters with reality. Indeed a classic animated depiction from Pixar movies.

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