The Star Wars theme for aquarium decoration is gaining popularity among fish lovers. Many queries get regularly posted on fishing portals about new and creative fish tank décor ideas.

A well-maintained aquarium with interactive inner accessories keeps the aquatic species active and enjoyable.

Making decorations after closely analyzing the fish and surroundings makes the tank a more suitable showpiece.

Are Sci-fi Decorative Themes From Star Wars Good for Fish Tanks?

Creating a sci-fi theme in the fish tank background gives an exotic view. It enhances the viewers’ curiosity to come closer and enjoy the fish swimming around the model equipment.

Star Trek and Star Wars are classic movies.They have always attracted fans with their out-of-the-world objects like UFOs, extra-terrestrials, techno-machines, wearable accessories, and much more.

These movies have been an all-time favorite of the young and old. People easily connect to the memories of famous characters like Spock, Worf, McCoy, Vader, Yoda, Darth, and many others.

The fantastic moments like the battle of Hoth from “The Empire Strikes Back”,walking tanks on the snow, AT-ATs machines, Death Star blow from “A New Hope”, the Vulcan Rescue mission, and many more are incredible to watch repeatedly.

Where Can I Find Star Wars Décor Products for my Aquarium?

The kids’ store becomes our first station to grab one of the tempting and beautiful imitations depicting certain characters, machinery, or scenes from the movie. We can place these toys as show pieces along the sides of the aquarium, but they are not meant to be dipped in water.  

You might have checked out the trending R2D2 aquariums, which looks like a working robot from the movie and even turns its head on call. These Star Wars R2D2 fish tanks are small and suitable for a few freshwater fish.

Fortunately, several Star Wars decorations ornaments are available for sale for other fish tanks at both online and offline stores. Our suggested décor items for aquariums are specially designed with materials that are safe for aquatic life when submerged in water tanks.

Best Star Wars Fish Tank Décor Products on Amazon

We have a list of some most preferred and best quality Star Wars aquascapes, including figures like x-wing, tie fighter, reptile décor, etc. These are optimum-sized individual miniatures from the Star Trek series that comfortably fit in all the fish tanks and glamorize the space.

1. Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament: X-Wing Starfighter

This ornament is a memorable reminder of the moments when Yoda, the trainer, raised the ship of Luke Skywalker. It looks exceptionally good with its realistic theme color, “X-wing on Dagobah,” which is a prominent sell-out as a Christmas décor ornament.

Image Credit: Amazon

The product is smaller in proportion, with an average dimension of five to six inches across and less than two inches in height. It is made of high-quality plastic material, which is lead-free in its compound, and, thus, safe for freshwater and saltwater tanks.

You can hang it inside the fish tank from the top using a string, and this aerodynamic structure will move on a small force from the fish if it tries to play with the piece.

Con: The only disadvantage of this tank décor item is that it can injure the tank dwellers with its pointed missile design on the corners.

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2.  Revel Snap Tite Max: Millennium Falcon Model Kit

Image Credit: Amazon

Here is a model kit that attracts a lot of children and young creative people. The buyer gets eighty-five un-joined pieces in a box, which takes approximately one hour to assemble.

The puzzle pieces are combined in the set frame to make a complete Falcon model. It displays identical cockpit features with seated figures, throttle, laser cannons, etc.

The collectors feel fascinated and regenerate imaginative landmarks with this flat disc UFO formation in the tank. You can rest it at the bottom of the tank as it is enormous and heavy and would not swim on the surface.

The most exciting part is the entrance ramp at the front, which can open and close, with adjustable antennas to reposition them into an innovative outlook.

Con: The complete product weighs about two pounds and is about fifteen inches long and eleven inches wide, which makes it oversize for many small aquariums.

3. Pet Ting: Darth Vader Helmet Ornament Aquarium and Vivarium Decoration

A skeletal face piece gives a surreal view to your fish tank while you follow the traditional Star Trek theme decoration.

Image Credit: Amazon

Darth Vader is a striking paradigmatic figure from the movie and always makes people turn for a second view. It is enjoyable watching small fishes, reptiles, and other aquatics moving in and out of the eye holes, back, and sides of this terror, mimicking tank décor.

It is small.with less than four inches in dimensions across the piece, allowing it to fit in all types of aquariums smoothly.

The product is made explicitly for fish tanks; thus, it is safe with zero chemical reactions. Its color design easily matches any landscape and background.

Con: If you have sizeable fish species in the aquarium, then it may be difficult or impossible for them to enter the holes and indulge with the toy.

4. PTFJZ Aquarium Decoration: Betta Fish Hidden Cave Accessories

One cannot forget the AT-AT four-legged walking legendary machine from the Star Wars series, especially when an immittance model stands erect among the aquatic life.

Image Credit: Amazon

Some may wish it could actually walk inside the tank with full-fledged armaments. This piece will re-ignite your untold thrills with its posture and detailed design.

Its size is optimum considering average fish tanks at residences, with its overall height being slightly more than nine inches and almost eight-and-a-half inches wide. Species like Betta, crayfish, hermit crab, guppy, etc. enjoy the AT-AT model a lot while moving through the holes.

The movie fans and fish enthusiasts highly pick this piece up. It gives multiple options for the tank species to move under it or try the hide-out inside the armored vehicle.

Con: It may be too big for some tanks. Because of the size, it will cover a large space, hogging up the space meant for fish movement.

5. Mountain View Aquarium Ornament Tree House Cave Bridge

Image Credit: Amazon

Perhaps it is an obvious gift to your aquarium pets, whether they belong to rivers, streams, or oceans. The model of hills and caves creates the outlook of their natural habitat, and water animals easily accept it.

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The caves or passages under the mountain are approximately one-and-half inches wide, making them best used for small species to create personal space or hide-outs.

The resin material used in the making is safe and adaptable for water. This mountain piece is about fourteen inches in length and nine inches in height, making it best suitable for tanks with eighty gallons and higher capacity.

They also provide three artificial multi-color plants for decoration purposes and to match the surroundings, which are three to five inches long.

Con: The mountain décor is too delicate and must be handled carefully while putting in the fish tank. Large and aggressive fish may break it with a hard hit.

6. Bestgle Aquarium Décor: Air-driven Skeleton Pirate Captain

Image Credit: Amazon

It is an excellent and stylish way to decorate your fish tank with this skeleton holding the driving wheel of his wrecked ship. You can recreate a scene in the background where the boat sinks in the water, but the pirate captain does not give up and dies like a hero.

The skeleton is made with flexible material and is attached to a movable plate. Thus, it will turn the steering right and left if placed with a minimal water pressure pump.

The piece is made of non-pollutant, premium quality resin and plastic. It is about five inches high and weighs fifty-six grams, which makes it bendable with little pressure.

Your friends and relatives would love to have a snap with this horrific water world.

Con: It is too light in weight and, if not fixed firmly on the floor base, a slight hit by a fish will make it float on the water surface.

7. The Mandalorian Galactic Snackin’ Grogu Animatronic: Interactive Toy

Image Credit: Amazon

Here is an interactive toy from the famous Disney+ series, Star Wars: “The Mandalorian.” Kids call it “Baby Yoda,” and multiple sets of reactions from this model entertains and attracts almost anyone that moves in.

It is a motorized working model of the Galactic Grogu, customized with four accessories: a bowl with tentacles, a spoon, a shifter knob, and a cookie.

The toy is about nine inches tall, and can produce more than forty sound effects. Its eyes open/ close, as well as hands, head, and ears, are also movable.

He extends his hands to get picked up, and you would love to hear the cute “yummy” or “yucky” sound while offering food from its bowl. Pat him three times on the head to activate the two-handed force effects and mimic the scenes from the series.

Con: This can only be placed outside the aquarium; dipping it will damage the machinery.

8. Helicopter Ruins Landscaping Shelter: Fish, Shrimp, And Turtle Tank Decoration

Image Credit: Amazon

You can create an exciting inner-view of the fish tank with a realistically designed years-old crashed helicopter. It is placed on a piece of rock, and artificial mosses grow all around it.

The helicopter is made of non-toxic resin material with harmless paints to make it suitable and pollution free for aquariums. It can be kept in both freshwater and saltwater tanks.

It is about eight inches in length and five inches in height at the highest point. Your fish can use it as a sleeping hide-out.

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There is ample space inside the cockpit for small aquatics. The species can stay inside, watch through the window, or move across from the two doors.

Con: The product is fragile and may not last long. It can break or lose color in some time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the best Star Wars fish tank decoration products?

Keeping aquariums in residential places is not a piece of cake. It involves a lot of preparation and care for the pet while maintaining other conditions.

To enhance your fish tank décor with Star Wars toys, you must focus on specific factors before buying them.

  • The product should be made while keeping safety concerns as a priority. The material used in the making should be of the best quality and pollution-free.
  • The decoration item should be waterproof that does not dissolve in the water to release harmful chemicals.
  • It should have soft edges to safeguard the fish or reptiles from injury while playing.
  • It should not be too delicate to be broken down if a fish hits it hard.

What is the average price of Star Wars décor items?

Star Wars series products are a popular category and trend higher due to their innovative and exciting designs. We always recommend buying high-quality branded products, designed specifically for water tanks.

On average, these products range between $16 to $30, depending upon the design and instructiveness of the product. The items with movable joints or additional accessories fall under the higher range category.

How to care for and maintain these aquarium ornaments at home to make them long-lasting?

It is vital to regularly clean the aquariums to protect the aquatics from bacteria that may arise from rotten food particles or stagnancy in water.

In such situations, you must remove all the products from the tank and clean them thoroughly. But you must follow certain precautions while cleaning the tank décor items so that they stay intact for a long time.

  • Take a single product at a time and immerse it in a bucket with clean water.
  • If it is an assembled product, then de-assemble it and clean every piece individually.
  • Rub it softly with a sponge or soft cloth to remove the built-up algae. You may also use a soft brush for cleaning.
  • Avoid using soap in the water because if it isn’t cleaned correctly, the soap will slowly dissolve in the aquarium water and infect it.
  • Rinse the décor item to place it back in the tank.

What is our Take on Star Wars Decoration Products?

We form a special connection with the aquatic lives and wish to bring them the best and most soothing environment. It reflects our taste in choices while decorating it creatively.

The Star Trek movie was among the first science-fiction that raised the level of visual effects. It impacted our minds to generate interest in unfamiliar objects. Today the Star Wars episodes have fascinated fish enthusiasts to recreate their artificial water world.

Our product list has exclusive relevance to the movie series encouraging the viewers to make their own stories to build a fabulous home for their aquatic friends.

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