Privacy Policy

Last modified on 17 February 2022.

We are the Owner of the website and hereby take the responsibility of collecting and holding data from the primary source. We respect the privacy concerns of the respective parties and adhere to securing personal data.

Database Classification

The purpose of this website is to enhance your knowledge base about aquatics. In fulfilling this, we make several analyses on the User data to provide information based on the latest trend.

The fish parenting website entertains a bulk of visitors, while a lot of personal data is collected in this process. There are cookies and User-provided information, and keeping accountability to all the sources is managed successfully.

The most basic type is the email address with a User name and password. We are committed to protecting such information and not sharing any details regarding the data with any resting third party.

To start early, our gateways are always kept open to let the User enjoy the best-in-class service. However, it is not made compulsive to provide personal information by any User.

The cookies are specifically valuable for delivering a particular service to the User in an easily accessible manner.

Data Processing

We segregate the data collected through direct visiting, cookies, or any other source and process the information in our IT-enabled centers under expert guidance. Maintaining specific requirements, we process the details with concerned professionals varying from administration departments, legal systems, marketing, and operations. It can be provided to the User at anytime request.

Accumulation of Data

Our operations team handles data collection and transfers the details to the specific departments and offices as needed. It may include sharing of country’s type and other details.

We, along with the third party department, get entitlement to utilize the data as needed, provided it is in use at the company’s office rather than any other system.

The Rules of Data Processing

Certain observational consents are proposed to be accepted by the User at prior notice, and he holds the responsibility.

  • The company holds the right to utilize the data in any possible manner under the organization’s name.
  • Data processing is a necessary task as it involves the integration of useful programs launched by the company for the benefit of the Users.
  • Any legal issues arising at any point regarding data processing go directly in agreement with the Owner.
  • It is an essential task to maintain the purpose while fulfilling the interest of the Owner or the third party.

 What is the Function of Data Processing

We are willing to provide complete details about the specific purposes relating to the sections of data processing and to which we have acquired information on a sectional basis.

The User’s data is collected with an intent to provide services by the Owner and use it under analysis for sales and marketing as well as market trends to target commercial activities.

For How Much Time is the Data Stored

The most basic reason for personal data collection and storage is to provide the ordered job to the User by the organization. For this reason, the data is stored and protected in the company’s database.

If the User has opted the company for any specific task to be fulfilled, then data retention is imperative at the Owner’s end until the task is done.

In other cases, the data shall stay with the company as long as the Owner’s purposeful intent is being fulfilled. While transparency is maintained regarding the data usage or integration under the Owner’s area of interest.

The Owner may still contain the User’s personal data for the duration of the contract or agreement given to the Owner by the User. The data may remain at the Owner’s end as an obligatory gesture for any other authoritative purposes.

Note that once the storage duration chosen by the User ends, the company has the right to remove it from the database. After that, the User shall not be able to claim any Ownership of access, erasure, rectification, or portability.

Some Specifications on Data Processing

Personal data taken from the Users of the fish parenting website covers the following purposes.

Data Analytics (Google Analytics)

One of the most basic functions fulfilled by the personal data of a User is to help analyze the web traffic while being part of bulk data. It allows working over the User’s temperament on specific services or products.

Google LLC has created a systematic version for reading an organization’s data, more specifically known as Google Analytics. Here we use it to scrutinize the database and generate analytical reports on the activities performed, and later it is shared over Google services for further processing.

Personal Data: Usage Data and cookies

Place of Data Processing: USA – Privacy PolicyOpt-Out. Privacy Shield participant

Affiliate Marketing (Amazon Affiliate)

A brief explanation about affiliation services is that websites rent ad space over their web pages over which the ad campaigns of concerned parties get displayed. When a User clicks these advertisements, his data is shared by both the concerned ad party and the website Owner.

 As per the choice, these ads can be in the form of links or banners.

Certain affiliate service providers gather the data for analysis, and their details can be objectively requested. They have their own privacy policy

Amazon provides affiliation service

Personal Data: Usage Data and cookies

Place of Data Processing: USA – Privacy Policy

Sales Temperament

We use the personal data from Users to examine the periodic trends and apply them to optimize for advertising and promotion of the fish parenting website. The cookies and usage data are explicitly tracked to manage the information while transferring to the partnering firms and analyze the marketing behavior of the Users.

It is possible to check email-based marketing, while the Users have the option to optout of the service at any time. They can do this through the network advertising opt-out page. If they are using mobile phones, few device advertising settings may allow them to optout of these services.

Facebook Custom Audience by Facebook Inc links the Facebook network to the website to analyze marketing and behavioral targets.

Personal Data: Email Address and cookies

Place of Data Processing: USA – Privacy PolicyOpt-Out. Privacy Shield participant

Facebook Remarketing by Facebook Inc links the Facebook network to the website to analyze marketing and behavioral targets.

Personal Data: Email Address and cookies

Place of Data Processing: USA – Privacy PolicyOpt-Out. Privacy Shield participant

Users Claims and Benefits

The Users can claim their rights to the website Owner anytime concerning the data processing technique. Here is a basic list of rights that the User can proclaim.

  • A User can verify the data if the company is processing it at any moment. They may also request acknowledgments and the currently undergoing personal data analysis.
  • If the User feels the data is being processed insignificantly, the User can instantly quit the agreement.
  • If the User finds the uploaded data differs from the facts, he may ask for verification and update the database.
  • There can be situations when the data processing is performed over legal terms when the User can claim disagreement. Find the details in the segment below.
  • Under exceptional circumstances, the User can halt the data processing, but the data retention facility will continue until the retention period is over.
  • Suppose the User has chosen automated data processing system with the User’s acceptance over a pre-designed contract. In that case, the User can ask for a structured, machine-readable data format. If necessary, they may even request a change of controller since the data transmission is technically applicable.
  • The User can request a data erasure under a specific situation.
  • Users can complain against the data protection authority.

Briefing Right to Disagreement of Data Processing

There are few legal rights given to the User where they can put up objections against the data processing mechanism or activity. It is necessary to apply with subsequent proofs to emphasize the circumstances. This usually happens when public interest is given more weightage regarding data processing in fulfilling the Owner’s executive interests.

The User needs to understand that he may exercise an objection against the data processing system against direct marketing, and they won’t have to give any suitable justifications. Data processing under direct marketing is discussed in the relevant segment below.

Claiming Authorities

The User may exercise his rights and authority by submitting an application to the Owner over the contact details provided in this document. These applications are accepted without any charges, and the Owner takes action on a priority basis.

Further Details About Data Processing and Accumulation

There are a few more technicalities about the data processing necessary for every User.

  • The privacy policy is briefed to describe the general phenomenon of data processing and User rights. But the User can ask for detailed information about policy regarding any specific services or processing of personal data.
  • The details not included in the policy document may also be requested to define by the Owner.
  • Some legal action might be taken against the User for showing misconduct on the website, and for that, the personal data may also be presented in court. Before signing the contract, a declaration is usually taken about using the data for legal issues.
  • The website or third party may also reveal personal data for system maintenance purposes.

How do we Handle “Do Not Track” Requests by the User?

A User may wish that the company stops the tracking services and requests the same. But due to some technical clauses, we cannot entertain such requests. However, if third parties accept these requests, they might have other clauses in their privacy policy.

Can we Make Alterations to This Privacy Policy?

It often becomes evident to make sudden & slight alterations to the existing privacy policy. Hence, we reserve the right to modify the regulations for the benefit of our Users and ourselves.

Whenever any changes are made to the policy, we give our users positive notifications and put the policy modification date and time so that the Users can work on it accordingly. Hence it is essential to provide updated personal data to the Owner.

If the current changes made to the pre-existing policy stand against the consent given by the User, then we instantly notify them and request a new consent as per the latest changes to the policy.

Legal References and Definitions

Personal Data

Personal data or data identifies a person implying a unique number and connects the relative information.

Usage Data

It is the collective set of details generated during website usage by a User. These are auto-generated information from the website that contains

  • The IP address of the computer from where the website is accessed
  • The time at which the website was clicked
  • Country and time zone from where it is clicked
  • Uniform Resource Identifier address
  • Method applied in testing requests submission
  • File size
  • Numerical Code of Server status
  • Browser details
  • Operating System information
  • Time spent on each page
  • Device details


The specific person who is using the website

Data Subject

The individual person in whose reference the data has been provided

Data Processor

It may be an individual, public figure, or an organization that uses personal data for processing.

Data Controller

It may be an individual, public figure, or an organization that works on the purpose of data processing. It takes care of the safety measures during the off time. Most of the time, the Owner acts as the data controller.

The website

The data is being collected through this web link on the browser.


It defines the work or job that the website for the User can perform.


A small set of information about web browsing and much more stored in the device

Legal Information

The privacy policy is specifically for the website.

Owner& Data Controller

Owner Contact Email:

[email protected]

Alternatively, you may contact us using the contact form.