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Charles Ataya

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Charles Ataya has a wealth of experience in fishkeeping and Aquarium management. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Management and over five years of experience, he is an authority in the fisheries industry. He regularly writes on fishkeeping and aquarium best practices.

Career Highlights:

  • A self-motivated fishkeeping professional with a proven track record of managing aquariums
  • Strong understanding of the fisheries industry with solid experience in the fisheries industry
  • Passionate about Aquarium management and maintenance
  • Focused on meeting deadlines to ensure project success
  • Reliable and dedicated team worker

Educational Highlights:

Bachelor of Science in Wildlife and Fisheries Management | University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya(2008-2011)

  • Upper-Class Honors
  • Relevant course work: Introduction to marine wildlife, Marine biology, Fish Nutrition, Fish breeding, Fisheries planning, and management.

Writing Experience

His online writing career journey started about 5 years ago after learning about it from a friend. Since then, he has become a passionate online writer with impressive writing skills. His specialty niche is the fisheries industry which comes naturally, as it is his field of training.